Testimonials: Dog boarding clients tell us about their experience

…a true dog lover and it really showed.
Just a quick note and some feedback regarding Rosie’s stay at Raby with Karyn and her daughter Lauren. Rosie was greeted with lots of love when we arrived and she ran straight up to Karyn to give her hugs and licks. I felt confident leaving Rosie with Karyn as I could see Rosie liked her a lot.

Karyn sent me pictures and an update of Rosie and bought her 2 toys (which she let her keep, Rosie loves playing with them). I loved that Karyn sent me the pics and an update, it was really thoughtful of her. When we arrived on Sunday to pick up Rosie she was pleased to see us and jumped up and licked us as expected but she also went back to Karyn and gave her licks too – which I thought was great. This showed me that Rosie was very comfortable with both Karyn and Lauren.

We got everything packed into the car and drove off then I realised that we didn’t get Rosie’s ‘inside’ bed so we just turned around and went back (was only a couple of minutes after we’d left). I called out to Karyn apologising that we didn’t grab the bed and she came to the door and had been having a little cry. She was sad that Rosie had left. Karyn’s family were having a bit of a giggle that Karyn was upset because Rosie had left, but my heart grew bigger and I like Karyn even more than before. Not sure if Karyn would like me telling you that part but it was lovely for me to see that she felt that way. Karyn is a true dog lover and it really showed, Rosie was very well looked after and obviously got lots of love and cuddles.

Thank you so much for sending us Karyn’s way. We’d love to use her again if she’s available next time we go away as I feel fully at ease that our little Rosie Mae would be well loved and cared for.
Sherrie, Milperra NSW

I couldn’t be happier….
Received your mail with dog treat and client survey. As Charlie chewed up the return envelope (he wants to find out if there’s more dog treat for him!) I thought I just email you about how I feel of your service. I couldn’t be happier with Don’t Fret Pet’s service and Jan. Charlie and Missy came back happy, clean, and healthy, I couldn’t thank Jan more! especially I know Charlie and Missy were a bit naughty at her place jumping onto her table and bark at her visitors…. : (

I will use your service again next time I am going away (also will recommend you to others). Knowing there are minders our there who truly enjoy company of others’ pets, it is quite a relief for dog mommy like me. : )
Catherine, Canberra ACT

Just wanted to say a big thank you. The dogs were so happy with Belva . She was absolutely lovely.
Kusha, Thornlands NSW

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