Sydney Pet Sitting Fees

Book a holiday for your dog to stay with a lovely minder in one of our carefully-screened pet sitting

homes throughout Sydney and many other areas of Australia.

Dog Boarding Service

Your dog will have happy holiday in a caring, dog kennels alternative when they stay in the home of one of our carefully-screened dog minders.


Rates per calendar day

One Dog Low Season:
$43.50 – $44.50 per calendar day
Two Dogs Low Season:
$74.50 – $75.50 per calendar day
One Dog Holiday Season:
$53.00 per calendar day
Two Dogs Holiday Season:
$89.00 – $92.00 per calendar day
(Holiday Season is 15th December to 15th January and Easter.)

Home Visit/Pet Sitting

Let one of our responsible and caring pet sitters, all of whom have been police and reference checked, visit and spend time with your pets at your home.


Rates per visit

Short Visit Low Season:
Long Visit Low Season:
Short Visit Holiday Season:
Long Visit Holiday Season:
(Holiday Season is 15th December to 15th January and Easter.)


Providing loving care for dogs for over 27 years

Starting back in 1993, “Don’t Fret Pet!” began from one simple idea – why can’t dog lovers be paired with dog owners looking for someone trustworthy to look after their pup whilst they’re away? The simple answer? They can! Our Sydney pet sitting network spans across Sydney and is a team of dog enthusiasts who have been carefully screened before being deemed eligible. All of our positive feedback and thrilled customers reflect the convenience and professionalism of our service and they keep coming back!

You mean can I avoid dog boarding kennels?

That’s completely right. No longer do dog owners have to leave their pups in dog kennel enclosures whilst they’re away having fun. Our dog sitting carers are just as doggy crazy as you and will absolutely spoil your pooch with all of the playtime and affection they’re accustomed to receiving at home. We always arrange for you to meet your carer prior to your trip so that you can feel completely at ease with your decision to leave your pup in their dependable hands. It is also a good opportunity for your furry companion to become familiar with their carer and help them adjust to the change of location.

Sydney pet sitting to the rescue

Alternatively, if you have pets who prefer to stay at home we can arrange for one of our Sydney pet sitting professionals to come to your home and ensure your pets are fed and watered. If you have a dog the pet sitter can also take the extra time to ensure there’s plenty of play time and walks so that your pooch is happy as a pig in mud.


  • Dog Boarding – the second and subsequent dogs from the same family are given a discount if minded by the same dog minder.
  • Dog Boarding – all boarding rates are per calendar day (not per night) regardless of the time of arrival or departure.
  • Home Visit – you can choose either a long or a short visit.
  • Ask us about long term rates for bookings over 28 days.
  • A deposit is required when you make your booking and cancellation fees will apply if you cancel.
  • These prices are subject to change without notice. However, once a booking is taken and a deposit received, the quoted price will be honoured.
  • All fees include GST.

Get in contact with us to find a dog minder close to you!

Isn’t it good to know that our Sydney pet sitting service provides you with an alternative to dog boarding kennels and you can choose the service that is more like home for your dog? Our pet sitting services are also available in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Call us today on 1300 30 70 21 and we will gladly help in any way we can.

Does your dog love playing with other dogs?

Our clients often feel that their dog had such a wonderful that they would like to mind another dog occasionally themselves.  If you know that your dog would enjoy an occasional playmate you can register with us to mind dogs for other dog owners when they are on holidays?  Read more information on how to become a dog minder.  Another benefit is that, when you mind often enough, you are entitled to a 10% discount when your dog is next minded by “Don’t Fret Pet!”.

Trusted Dog Minders Across the Country!

For a stress-free, totally relaxing holiday for you and your dog, contact us today!