Can You Help A Lovely Dog To Have A Happy Holiday When Their Owners Are Away?

Would you like to become a dog minder and care for another family’s dog in your home while they are on holidays?  Join “Don’t Fret Pet!” and you’ll receive the unconditional love of your furry house guest while we take care of the paperwork and insurance.  It’s easy!

Become A Dog Minder

Dog Minding In Your Home

Many dog owners hate sending their best friend to stay in a cage or leaving them at home alone when they’re away. They’re always so happy when they find out that their dog can go and stay in the home of a wonderful, carefully-screened “Don’t Fret Pet!” minder.

Dog minding brings a lot of pleasure to dog lovers.  Some of our dog minders have minded the same dog so many times that their home has become like a second home to that dog.  Read what some of our minders have said about their dog minding experience.

If you could welcome a dog into your home from time to time you’d be helping both the dog and their owner to have a happy holiday.

Home Visit Pet Sitting

We also need pet lovers who can go to the pets’ homes, feed them, check on them and give them some TLC when their owners are away.  You would only need to do this in your local area.  We sometimes need home visit pet sitters in Newcastle, some parts of Sydney, Canberra and the Sunshine Coast.  You must be reliable and be able to provide a police check certificate.

We take care of the advertising, paperwork and insurances for you.

Call us on 1300 30 70 21 for more information.

Click on the “Don’t Fret Pet!” dog below to watch a short video that  will tell you about what is involved in being a dog minder.