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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Dog Boarding Service

How long has “Don’t Fret Pet!” been operating?

We commenced our dog boarding service in Sydney in 1993 and have devoted ourselves to creating a very professional, caring alternative to dog kennels.

Why is our service better than a dog kennel?

Dog boarding kennels are generally very good but what they are unable to provide, due to the sheer volume of dogs being minded, is what your dog craves most – human interaction.  Being taken from a family home and left in a cage is sometimes confusing and distressing for dogs and, while some of them love it, many fret.  When your dog stays with a “Don’t Fret Pet!” dog minder they usually have the run of the house, a lap to sit on and many, many pats and cuddles throughout the day.  Some minders will even let them sleep on their bed if that is what the dog is used to at home.  They will take them for walks and feed them the food you would normally feed them at home.  What more could a dog want?

Why is our service better than a luxury suite at a dog kennel?

Luxury suites remove dogs from the hustle and bustle of the usual dog boarding kennel environment which does cause stress for some dogs.  However, the human interaction is still missing and, for some dogs, even though they may have a television or piped music it is like being shut in a room.  Dogs are pack animals and need company.

How much does it cost?

Visit our Fees page in your areas to view the fees in your area.

Where do we operate?

 Click here to see where we offer our dog boarding service.

How many dogs will be minded by my “Don’t Fret Pet!” minder while my dog is staying there?

Because we provide quality service each minder only minds one person’s dog/s at a time.  Under exceptional circumstances we may double up when both owners want their usual minder at the same time and agree to share.  The minder would have to agree to this as well.

What sort of people mind dogs for “Don’t Fret Pet!”?

We have a variety of minders ranging from retired people to families.  We will use the information you give us at the time of booking to select the right type of minder for your dog.  The common element with our minders is that they all love dogs and none of them do it for the financial reward.  Read what some of our minders have written about their minding experiences.

Can I meet the minder beforehand?

Absolutely!  It is essential that you meet the minder so that you can go away feeling totally comfortable that your dog will be in good hands.  It is also important for the minder to meet your dog so that they can be sure that he/she will fit in with their household.

How will I know that the minder will really look after my dog?

 All of our minders are carefully screened by us but, as you will be meeting them in their home beforehand, you will also be able to make your own assessment.  All minders have a fully-fenced yard, must have experience with dogs and, of course, love them!  Also, if we wouldn’t leave our own dogs with the minder then we don’t take them on board.

Can my dog stay with the same minder each time?

We have some dogs who have been to the same minder over 70 times.  The minder’s home is like a second home to them.  As long as the minder is happy to take your dog again and you book early enough before the minder is booked up then we will definitely place your dog with the same minder as your dog will remember them and be excited to be going to stay with them again.  You’ll go away knowing that you don’t have to worry at all about your dog fretting.

I have two dogs. Can they stay together?

Yes, we believe that it is important for them to be together as that will help them to settle in with the minder.

Can I check up on my dog while I’m away?

 You are welcome to phone or email the minder to see how your dog is enjoying their holiday.  We just ask that, if you do phone, it is at a reasonable hour.

My dog sleeps inside. Do you cater for this?

We know how important it is for dogs to have similar comforts as at home so, if your dog sleeps inside, it will definitely sleep inside when he/she is staying with our minder.  Some dogs even get to sleep on the bed!

What do I need to provide?

 You send along the food that your dog usually eats at home so that there are no upset tummies because of a change of diet.  You also send along your dog’s bedding so that it has something familiar from home as well as his/her bowls, lead and favourite toys.  It may also be a good idea to include an old t-shirt that you have worn the day before so that he/she has your familiar smell around.

What happens if my pet becomes ill or is injured?

 We will take your pet to his/her regular vet.  In the case of an emergency we will take him/her to the nearest vet.  We will, of course, keep you up to date.

What safety precautions do you take when walking my dog?

 When our minder walks your dog they will keep him/her on a lead at all times but, as a backup, we attach a bright yellow Boomerang-ID tag to your dog’s collar from the moment they arrive until they leave to go home with you.  Boomerang-ID provides a 24/7 security service for dog owners.  Make sure you deliver your dog to our minder wearing a secure collar so that we can attach the Boomerang-ID tag.

I think my dog would enjoy having other dogs come to say. How do I go about becoming a minder?

 Have a look at our information on becoming a dog minder and then contact us if you would like to proceed.