Testimonials: Dog boarding clients tell us about their experience

…minders went out of their way…
The minders went out of their way to treat my dog as their own. They know he is an Assistance Dog and even made sure he was never left alone for the whole time he was there – one of them was always with him which is what he is used to…..that’s dedication for you!
Amanda, Flynn ACT

…another very positive experience…
I just wanted to let you know that Harry had another very positive experience with Kerrie this year. He appears to be really fond of her and although very excited and happy to see me had clearly settled in well on his ‘holiday’. My impression is that Kerrie genuinely loves her charges and that makes all the difference to their stay with her. ‘Home stay’ is definitely the only option for Harry who, at nearly 11, is never going to get used to the kennel environment.
Pamela, Waverton NSW

…a marvellous job…
Thank you so much for referring us to Wayne and Tracy in Ferny Hills for Elo’s holiday stay. They did a marvellous job looking after our energetic girl. She has returned home well fed and thoroughly happy! Thanks for the great service you provide.
Dianne, Cashmere QLD

…such an easy and pleasant experience.
I’d like to say, once again, thank you so much for making this such an easy and pleasant experience. I didn’t expect a response from my initial enquiry over the weekend, and to think that it’s now Monday and we’ve already visited Penny’s “Holiday Home”, is unbelievable! Tanya & Peter were just lovely and I can tell that Penny will have a ball! Whilst I’m sure my heart will be heavy when I leave my little furry friend behind, I know she’ll be well cared for.
Christine, Bracken Ridge QLD

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