Melbourne Pet Sitting / Dog Boarding

We pride ourselves on our well-established network of Melbourne pet sitting / dog boarding

carers who will welcome your dog into their own home.

Melbourne Pet Sitting / Dog Boarding

Your dog will have happy holiday when they stay in the home of one of our carefully-screened Melbourne dog minders. Enjoy your holiday more feeling confident that our dog minders are supported by us 24/7 and that your dog will be the only guest dog staying with the minder.


Rates per calendar day

One Dog Low Season: $52.00
Two Dogs Low Season: $93.60
One Dog Holiday Season: $69.00
Two Dogs Holiday Season: $124.00
(Holiday Season is 15th December to 15th January and Easter.)

20% discount for your second dog

Low Season: long-term discount if more than 14 days

Holiday Season: long-term discount if more than 28 days

Give Your Pooch A Holiday Too In The Home Of One Of Our Melbourne Pet Sitting Dog Minders

As much as some of us would like to take our furry friends away on holiday with us, such a solution is just not always feasible (even if Buddy would make an excellent backpacking companion across Europe). Instead of worrying about burdening friends and family with your best furry friend whilst they try to manage their own busy lives take advantage of our convenient pet sitting service operating throughout the Melbourne area.

“Don’t Fret Pet!” has been providing professional pet care for over 28 years. With our team of carefully-screened and fully-supported dog minders who welcome dogs into their own home we are in the best position to care for your best friend whilst you enjoy your holiday.

The initial drive behind our service is a simple one – how can dog owners holiday guilt-free without having to book their dog into a dog boarding kennel or leave him or her with a carer who has no backup? The solution was simple. Establish a trusted and fully-supported team of dog lovers who can offer caring pet sitting and provide the same love and attention which you yourself would provide at home.

The Melbourne pet sitting alternative to dog boarding kennels – we offer the five-star treatment

Spoilt pooches are our speciality! If your dog is accustomed to a certain standard of living back home they are sure to find a suitable substitute in the care of our dedicated dog minders.

We are very selective with who we accept as “Don’t Fret Pet!” dog minders so you can rest assured that you will be entrusting your baby into the loving arms of a real dog lover. To ensure you have complete peace of mind we always arrange a meeting between you and your dog’s minder leading up to your holiday. This is so your pooch can become accustomed to their minder and you can meet them for yourself. Also, your dog will be the only guest dog with the minder so you don’t need to worry about how many other dogs are being minded at the same time.

This way you will be able to truly enjoy your time away knowing your dog is in reliable hands!

Get in touch with us today

Call us on 1300 30 70 21 to so we can arrange a wonderful holiday for your dog with a caring dog minder near you who has been interviewed by us.  Or, if you want to book straight away, you can book online.

Our dog minding services are available in areas other than Melbourne, including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Looking for great places to take your dog around Melbourne

Tired of always taking the same walks with your dog?  Why not try one of these off-leash dog areas in Melbourne.

More information about our Melbourne pet sitting fees

  • Dog Boarding / Pet Sitting – the second and subsequent dogs from the same family are given a 20% discount if minded by the same dog minder.
  • All dog boarding rates are per calendar day (not per night) regardless of the time of arrival or departure.
  • Ask us about long term rates for bookings over 14 days during low season and over 28 days during holiday season.
  • A deposit is required when you make your booking and cancellation fees will apply if you cancel.
  • These prices are subject to change without notice. However, once a booking is taken and a deposit received, the quoted price will be honoured.

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