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Doggy Icy Poles

Doggy Icy Poles

Icy poles for dogs

If your dog looks hot and bothered help him to stay cool and hydrated by making your own dog-friendly icy poles.  Icy poles/popsicles are a great treat for them to enjoy in hot weather.

What you will need

  • One low-salt stock cube
  • One apple
  • One carrot
  • Four paper cups


  1. Place stock cube into a jug
  2. Add around 250-300ml of boiling water and mix until fully dissolved
  3. Slice the apple and remove the seeds
  4. Add a few apple pieces to each paper cup
  5. Pour chicken stock into each cup
  6. Slice the carrot into four sticks
  7. Stand one stick of carrot in each paper cup
  8. Freeze for approximately three hours
  9. Peel the paper cup off to produce your doggy icy poles
  10. Let your dog enjoy the treat!

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