New Puppy

Jul 2020
best dog crates

Choosing the best dog crate or dog playpen for your pup? Dog crate vs dog playpen – confused?  We have researched the pros and cons of both of these to make it easier for you to choose what is right for your furkid. Choosing the best dog playpen for your dog Training puppies can be a daunting task.  They are all adorable and so much fun but not so cute when they pee or poop on your carpet or chew your best shoes or destroy parts of your furniture. Pups and young......

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Oct 2017

We’ve all had the fantasy of being a pet parent. And many of us do end up with our own furbabies.  But there’s a few things to consider before picking up your pooch. So, you’ve decided you’re ready for the pitter patter of tiny paws but have you really considered if it is a good idea? With dog abandonment and abuse on the rise you have to be sure that you can be a dedicated pup parent. After all, a dog is for life. They are a lifelong companion and require lots......

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