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Getting A New Dog? Socialisation is very important.

Many families consider getting a new dog in the holidays.

When you get a new dog, socialising them is VERY important.  Most pup owners are directed toward Puppy Schools to socialise their pups.

The following is an article written by a dog behaviouralist and it warns of the downside of some Puppy Schools.  We feel that Puppy Schools that are well run are great for most pups.  We also think that it is worth reading this article so that you are aware of some of the problems that can occur in these environments.

A dog trainer’s view on Puppy Schools

“I have rehabilitated many thousands of dogs who had fear, aggression and other behavioural problems. Almost all of them had attended some kind of Puppy School or group situation.

The problems have become so commonplace that there was no choice but to beg people not to go to Puppy School – especially the free-for-all type that let young dogs run wild.

A Puppy School can mean that your dog is amongst anything up 10 to 15 dogs.  As this is usually in a small space at least a few emerge petrified of other dogs. Fear manifests sooner or later as aggression in some dogs.

Whilst the trainers at Puppy Schools almost ALWAYS will disagree, they hardly ever see the dogs that were adversely affected.

When you think about getting a new dog remember that socialising should be done with dogs YOU choose in situations YOU control, with just one or two dogs.

Most dogs in a group or class have at least one or two negative experiences. It’s not worth the risk!

Don’t choose a super-friendly dog to mix with either, especially if your dog is shy. Whilst it MIGHT go OK, the chances are another dog jumping on yours will scare the wits out of them.

You wouldn’t throw your child into a free for all at playgroups and laugh at five other kids pounding them in the corner – so don’t do it to your dog!”

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