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Who We Are

We are the professional, caring dog boarding alternative that thousands of owners are raving about.

We welcome your dog into the home of a local dog lover, just like you. We have carefully-screened minders in many areas of Australia and, for your complete peace of mind, all our minders are fully insured.

Our Mission

Hi, I’m Jenny Brearley. If you’re feeling anxious about finding the right person to look after your dog while you are away, I’m glad you found this website, because 30 years ago, I had the same problem. That’s why I started “Don’t Fret Pet!” — holiday dog minding.

You see, I felt terrible taking my eccentric Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sophie, to dog boarding kennels. I wanted a more natural and homely alternative to concrete floors and wire cages. I hated the thought of Sophie having to cope with the barks and behaviours of a hundred other dogs of all breeds and backgrounds. There was no way I could enjoy my holiday. I felt guilty.

On top of that, it was inconvenient driving to the outer suburbs (where most dog boarding kennels are located) to drop Sophie off at times that didn’t suit me while trying to get ready to go away.

Friends and Family?

I’d tried leaving Sophie with friends and family but I always felt like I was asking them a favour. Although they meant well, they weren’t really used to looking after dogs so I was always worried about Sophie.


I also tried having neighbours feed and keep an eye on Sophie, but again, I felt like I was putting them out. I was also afraid they would forget her… or Sophie would get sick… or… 100 other things that could go wrong.

Take Her With Me?

I considered taking Sophie with us on holidays. But, back then, dog-friendly accommodation was almost impossible to find. Long car rides often cause terrible stress for dogs (many get car sick). And then there’s the question of who looks after them while you go on a day trip during your holiday. You can’t very well leave them alone in a strange holiday apartment.

The Solution

That’s when I came up with the idea to start “Don’t Fret Pet!” and created a network of dog lovers who could offer dog minding services in their own homes. I screened potential minders to make sure they had experience caring for dogs and I provided them with information to ensure we could provide consistent, professional care to every client.

Our Difference

We’ve won a whole swag of awards and we’ve been featured in heaps of newspapers and magazines. The proof of our success comes from the thousands of wonderful clients who have sent us messages and those who have taken the time to write reviews.

  • We Do The Matching For You Which Saves You Lots of To’ing and Fro’ing
  • You Meet The Minder First So You Can Be Totally Comfortable
  • 24/7 Support For Our Minders – We Are On Call If They Have Any Problems
  • No Other Dogs Minded By Your Minder
  • Our Experienced, Caring Staff Will Simplify The Booking Process For You
  • All Minders Insured & Interviewed By Us
  • Operating Since 1993

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Jenny Brearley

Owner & Director

Even though it was 1993, it seems like only yesterday that I was looking for a boarding kennel alternative for my Ridgeback, Sophie. As she was very much part of my family I couldn't leave her in a boarding kennel or with an individual with no backup. That's why I started “Don’t Fret Pet!”. Since then we have helped over 34,500 dogs and their owners enjoy their holidays.

Margaret Ash

I enjoy finding wonderful homes for your little furry friends ensuring all parties are happy! I have been doing this with “Don’t Fret Pet!” for a number of years and really enjoy it. It is especially fulfilling when I receive a phone call or email from a client telling us how happy they were with the care their dog received.

Carole Ciechanowicz

I started out as a minder for “Don’t Fret Pet!” in 2007 welcoming many visiting doggies into my home. I then joined “Don’t Fret Pet!” as a franchisee in 2009 and managed the Gold Coast territory. In 2015 I sold my franchise and joined “Don’t Fret Pet!” as a staff member demonstrating how committed I am to this wonderful service. Over the years I have had the pleasure of being mum to numerous rescue dogs, a rescue cat, a couple of goats and birds too numerous to count.

Jenny Crompton

I have been working with “Don’t Fret Pet!” for many years. A highlight for me is when a minder sends in a photo or feedback of their four-legged boarder having a good time at their home away from home!

Jan Simmonds

The ethos of “Don’t Fret Pet!” is based on the principle that all passionate pet owners prefer to leave their pooches in the security of like-minded people’s homes. For this reason, I love being a part of the team and feel rewarded by the positive feedback from clients and minders.

Diane Boyle

I enjoy helping find much loved dogs a kind and caring home for them to have their holiday.
I’ve been a dog lover all my life and I show and breed Dalmatians & Boston Terriers. I am licenced to judge at ANKC Shows.