7 Reasons Staffies Are So Popular



Staffy Lifespan: 12-14 years
Height: 35-30 cms (14-16 in)
Weight: 11-17 kgs (24-38 lbs)
Temperament: friendly, tolerant, reliable, fearless
Suitable living space: best with a yard where they can play but ok in an apartment if given enough exercise
Best Suited For: families, great with kids

7 Reasons Staffies Are So Popular

  1. They are adorable!
  2. They love people.
  3. They have a great personality.
  4. They love games.
  5. They smile a lot.
  6. They don’t require a lot of grooming.
  7. They are adorable! (I know we have already said that but they are so adorable it needs to be said twice.)

If you want to add any more reasons please add them in the Comments area below.  We would love to hear them.

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Thinking Of Getting A Staffy?

Staffy Pups

Staffies are very mouthy as puppies.  Because of this they can be destructive because they need to chew.  Ensure you have plenty of chew toys to keep them away from your shoes and furniture.  In fact, make sure your shoes are locked away!!


Who is this breed most suitable for?

Staffies are great for families with children.  They are known for their loyalty and devotion as well as their affectionate and trustworthy personality.  However, they do require a lot of attention.  So, it is very important to make time to give them plenty of love.  Your Staffy will certainly repay you many times over.

If you want a dog who loves to be with you all the time a Staffy could be for you.

Walking – if you like to get out for a good daily walk your Staffy will happily accompany you.

Your Staffy will love curling up on the couch or bed with you so it’s important that you are prepared to accept this.

What To Be Aware Of

Staffies love to chew – always provide her with appropriate bones or chew toys.

They need a firm hand and good training so they may not be suitable for a first time dog owners.  Start training early and teach him good habits from the very beginning.

If properly socialised from a very early age Staffies are usually great with other dogs and other animals.  Always be cautious when meeting other dogs when on lead as your Staffy may feel threatened and become aggressive.

Digging!  Staffies can be diggers.  Ensure he can’t dig under your fence or you’ll be out looking for him.


Staffies don’t require a lot of maintenance.  

As with all dogs, a balanced diet will help to keep her and her coat healthy.  Regular bones or chew toys are excellent for her teeth and her health in general.  

He won’t shed very much but a regular brush and bath, perhaps once a week, will keep him smelling and looking better.


There are some potential health issues.  Hereditary diseases to be aware of are L2-HGA, which is a metabolic disorder, epilepsy, mast cell tumours.  If you buy from a reputable breeder they should have already tested for these. 

Probably the most common issue that they suffer from is skin allergies.

Staffies don’t handle heat very well.  They should be monitored on hot days and not exercised too much so that they don’t overheat.

Going Away?

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  1. Sheila Bolton : May 15, 2021 at 11:41 am

    I agree they are adorable, social, loving dogs. My concern is any dog can be unpredictable and the design of their jaw is such that they are strong and locked on and very difficult to remove and can do much damage. Your comments are spot on that early socialising and training are an absolute necessity with this breed and sadly that isn’t always the case.

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