Pup Pee Accidents When Excited

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Why does your pup pee when they are excited?

Want to know why your pup pees when they are excited?

We have previously discussed submissive urination and touched slightly on how it differs from excitement urination.  Below is a more extensive explanation of excitement urination so you can differentiate between the two. However, if you are concerned about your dog urinating excessively, pay a visit to the vet to rule out any medical issues.

What is excessive urination? As the name implies, it is when urination occurs more often than it should and at times when it is not a conscious action. For example, when he is excited.

Excitement Urination – I’m So Happy!

Excitement urination is most likely to occur during greetings as well as during very active play.  For example, returning after you’ve been away for more than 1 minute could cause a pup pee!  Or, a pup pee might happen when an exciting new visitor arrives.  Your pup will be happy and playful and full of energy.

This is the major difference between excitement urination and submissive urination. Submissive urination will be accompanied by submissive postures – such as ears back, cowering down and tail tucked between legs.

Excitement urination is common and perfectly normal/expectable in puppies who don’t yet have complete control over their bladders. The issue normally resolves itself as your pup gets older – just like children!  It can take up to a year.

However, how you handle these situations can determine how quickly they grow out of the pup pee excitement phase.  If they are punished it is possible for the problem to persist.  

Lab being reprimanded for pup pee

It can also persist if there is inadvertent rewarding after urination has happened. The key is finding the right balance.

Signs of excitement urination

  • Your pup pees when excited, such as during greetings or playtime.
  • Your pup pees when excited and is less than 1 year old.

Recommendations to reduce pup pee accidents

  • Playing outside is a safe way to avoid accidents in the house.
  • Keep greetings low-key and quiet. Hand clapping, high pitched screams and cuddles are a no-go.  Get him to sit and greet calmly.
  • When he’s excited, ignore him until he’s calm.
  • Frequent trips outside are crucial to be sure your dog’s bladder doesn’t get full. He is more likely to urinate through excitement when his bladder is full.
  • Plenty of exercise can help by decreasing energy and making your puppy sleepy.
  • Don’t punish or scold him for urinating when he’s excited, it is not in his control. Simply ignore the urination and encourage him to sit.

Here’s some information on toilet training your puppy that may help with pup pee accidents.

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