The Benefit Of Having A Pet

benefit of having a pet

The benefit of having a pet is something that most pet owners agree with.  There are many, many proven benefits of having a pet.  Here are some of them:

The benefit of children having a pet

Many studies have shown that children who have been brought up in a home that has a pet, grow up to be more caring individuals.  They tend to have more empathy toward other people as well as with what is happening in their world.

benefit of having a pet

Studies also show that a pet can help a child if they have low self-esteem or are self-centred.  The pet gives them something other than themselves on which to focus.  Read more here.

Taking care of a pet teaches nurturing.  It also brings fulfillment to the person who is caring for the pet.

Having a pet to talk to helps establish emotional stability. A child (as well as an adult) can tell their secrets to their dog or cat and know that their secret is safe.

The benefit of adults having a pet

In many cases having a pet is the first time many people feel loved and are able to give love in return.  Pet owners feel that their pet can be trusted more than anyone else.

Pets accept you for what you are and they do not discriminate.  They give unconditional love.

A pet provides all kinds of entertainment.  Puppies and kittens are a joy to watch and promote laughter.

A family that laughs together will share many happy memories.

Pets can expand your social world

It’s hard to visit a dog park or take a walk without someone stopping to talk to you about your pet.  Dog owners often meet each day at their local dog park and become friends.

People at parties love to talk about their pets and share stories.

Physical contact – another benefit of having a pet

Pets bring about physical contact.  You can’t have a pet without touching it and feeling its warmth and love.  Many people are afraid of physical contact and a pet helps to release that fear.

benefit of having a pet

Your pet can bring you better health

Patting a dog, cat or anything else that is warm and fuzzy can lower your blood pressure and help keep it down for almost 24 hours.

If you are depressed, cuddling and talking to your pet can cure the blues.

Taking your dog out for a walk can help you lose weight and enable you to meet people (what better way to cure the blues.)

People who have pets are known to live longer.  Perhaps, it could be the responsibility for their care, that make even people who have had heart attacks live longer than people who don’t have pets.

The elderly in nursing homes become rejuvenated after a visit from “therapy pets.” Patients who normally don’t talk will begin to talk about their pet’s visit.

Pets have been known to save lives

A dog could save your life.  Many dogs have saved their owners by alerting other people when they have fallen or collapsed.

There are many instances of the family’s dog or cat waking them up and saving them from house fires.

Having your life saved is certainly a benefit of having a pet!

Pets are your most dependable friends

In this world of fickle friends and fly-by-night relationships the most dependable thing you can have in your life is a pet.

They will love you unconditionally, through thick and thin and in times when “your mother would not even like you.”

These are just a few of the benefits of having a pet.  They provide so much love and ask for so little.

How to Have a Dog Without Owning One

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