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Become a Dog Minder

Make Your Love for Dogs Count: Join Don’t Fret Pet as a Dedicated Dog Minder!

Would you like to become a dog minder and care for another family’s dog in your home while they are on holidays?  Join a professional service that has been operating for 29 years and you’ll receive the unconditional love of your furry house guest plus our 24/7 support. We also take care of the paperwork and insurance for you.

Become a Dog Minder

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Many dog owners hate sending their best friend to stay in a cage or leaving them at home alone when they’re away. They’re always so happy when they find out that their dog can go and stay in the home of a wonderful, carefully-screened “Don’t Fret Pet!” dog minder.


Dog minding brings a lot of pleasure to dog lovers. Some of our dog minders have minded the same dog many times. Their home has become like a second home to that dog. Read what some of our minders have said about why they love minding dogs for “Don’t Fret Pet!”.

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You tell us what breeds and sizes of dogs you would like to mind and we only contact you about dogs that would suit you. You meet the dogs in advance. That way you can be sure they are suitable for your home and your lifestyle. Also, you can mind as often or as little as you like – it’s up to you.  Click here to see how it works.

Welcome a Dog into Your Home

If you could welcome a dog into your home from time to time you’d be helping both the dog and their owner to have a happy holiday. We only ever take on dog minders who want to mind dogs for the love of it. As we are not there to supervise we only approve dog minders who have had some experience with dogs and who have the dogs’ best interest at heart.

We take care of the advertising and handle the complete booking process and collection of payment from the client. We ensure that you are covered by our insurance – both public liability and work cover – and, importantly, we are here to support you. You are not on your own.

Call us on 1300 30 70 21 for more information about becoming a dog minder or click here to apply.

Testimonials From Our Dog Minders

There are many well-established benefits of owning a dog and these can also apply to having a dog come to stay with you from time to time.  They help keep you healthy and bring lots of joy.  Here is what some of our dog minders have said about minding dogs with “Don’t Fret Pet!”:

A delight, no problems, happy and fitted into family and home. Did not fret.

Kia is a wonderful dog. Placid in nature obedient and affectionate, we loved having her.  

India was very well behaved and knew the routine.  Always welcome.

I have been a dog minder for Don’t Fret Pet for 5 years and have loved every dog I have minded.

Ginger was a true delight! When walking she greets all people and dogs enthusiastically – very friendly and gentle nature.  Minimum barking, socialised very well with all visitors. I did not detect any anxiety problems. Ginger has an engaging, delightful personality.

Sally is the easiest dog that I have ever looked after. She makes no noise at all and loved the company of Lady and Spot. I would love a dog just like her  –  she is sweet and adorable.

I love being a dog minder for Don’t Fret Pet as I am a senior who lives alone and it is comforting to know that Carole is just a phone call away if I have any problems.

Nelly was an absolute pleasure to mind. She is a very obedient, well mannered dog.  

Want to learn more about becoming a Dog Minder?

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Dog Minder, kindly complete the contact form. The team at “Don’t Fret Pet!” will give you a call as soon as we can to answer any questions you may have.

Prefer speaking to someone directly? Feel free to give us a call on 1300 30 70 21

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