Dog Minders Wanted

✓ Enjoy looking after lovely dogs in your home
✓Meet the dogs in advance to be sure they fit in with your household
✓ All paperwork & insurance handled for you – you just enjoy minding the dogs!


Love dogs?
Would you like to be paid to mind one in your home?
Caring dog lovers needed to mind dogs when their owners are away.

If you love dogs and would like to welcome one into your home while their owners are away please apply on the form below

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    Are you a real dog lover who would get a lot of pleasure out of minding a lovely dog from time to time?

    “Don’t Fret Pet!” has been operating since 1993 so is a well established, professional company. Dog owners come to us so that their dogs can be minded in a caring family home rather than being confined to a cage in a dog boarding kennel. We are currently looking for dog minders who can take dogs into their own home when the owners are away. This is not a job but something you can do from home. You will be rewarded with a wagging tail and a daily allowance $10.50 to $20.50 which you can use to pay some of your bills or put towards a special purchase. The dog’s owner will provide all the food, bedding and accessories so there is no cost to you.

    You tell us the type/size/breed of dog that you prefer to mind. We find out all about each dog and do our best to only offer you dogs that will suit you. You get to meet each dog beforehand so that you can be sure it will fit in with your household. When you meet the dog if you don’t think they are right for you – no problem. Just let us know and we’ll match them with a more suitable minder. We do, however, usually get it right first time. The most important thing is that you enjoy minding dogs for us.

    Benefits for you

    ✓ If you have a friendly dog of your own that’s not a problem as we would send other friendly dogs to stay with you and both dogs can have a fabulous time together.
    ✓ If you don’t have a dog it’s a great way to have one without the ongoing commitment or cost.
    ✓ You would only mind one dog at a time or sometimes two if they are from the same family.
    ✓ You choose the type/size/breed of dog you would like to mind.
    ✓ You can take a break if you are going to be away or not available for some other reason and just let us know when you are ready to start minding again.
    ✓ The dog arrives with their own food, bedding and toys so all you need to provide is a secure environment and lots of TLC.
    ✓ We are here to support you if you have a problem with a visiting dog.
    ✓ We deal with all the paperwork leaving you to enjoy minding the dog.
    ✓ You are paid a daily allowance for minding each dog.
    ✓ You are covered by our public liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

    You would need

    ✓ A secure yard so that the dog is secure
    ✓ A tidy yard so that the dog is safe
    ✓ To be a real dog lover with experience of owning or looking after dogs
    ✓ To allow the dog inside as most of the dogs that we mind are inside dogs who are part of the family

    Suitable for

    ✓ Retirees
    ✓ Stay at home parents
    ✓ Mature-minded students
    ✓ Part-time vets or vet nurses
    ✓ People who would like company for their own dog
    ✓ People who would like another dog but don’t want to commit to owning one at the moment

    Here is what some of our minders have said about minding dogs for
    “Don’t Fret Pet!”

    Minding dogs for Don't Fret Pet is fabulous. Brent sends me exactly the types of dogs I want to mind, keeps me in the loop with each booking and was there when I needed her when I once had a problem

    Testimonial Helen

    I used to mind dogs for friends of friends which was great until one of them got ``difficult``. I now only mind for Don't Fret Pet so that I can enjoy the dog minding without the hassles.

    Testimonial Joanne

    I have minded for another dog minding business but the support from ``Don't Fret Pet!`` is brilliant. They were there when I needed them, are always friendly and helpful and pay on time every month.

    Testimonial Susie

    If you know anyone who is a dog lover and would enjoy welcoming a dog into their home from time to time please let them know about us. They will thank you!