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No doubt about it—we love our pets. This is why the pet industry has boomed over the past few years. Australians spend $12 billion annually for animal care and maintenance, $500 million of which goes to accommodations—and why not? Responsible furparents will have no qualms about giving quality of life to their pets and, when we’re not around, it’s only right to find equally quality pet sitting. Canberra’s home care and pet sitting businesses flourished right along with the other sectors of the pet-driven market. But how do you know that you’re getting value for your money and ensuring your animals’ safety and well-being?

Not Just Another Hobby

Pet sitting may sound like a low-skill level type of work but there’s plenty more to it than just barging in on someone’s home and dumping food in the dog’s bowl.

It’s easy to say that pet sitters get into the job because they love animals—but taking care of someone else’s pets will require more than love for the species. It takes skill. It takes patience. It takes actual experience and, most of all, requires a commitment to being reliable.

If there’s one thing you ought to do before leaving your Fido and Fluffy with anyone, it’s to meet them beforehand. It will be easy to spot someone who is unsure about handling dogs and cats when you meet with your potential minder. Don’t be afraid to conduct your research and interview him or her before saying yes to their service.

Most importantly, if you have a dog, have your minder meet your dog. A good sitter will readily ask to interact with your pooch to see how he or she will react to a stranger, especially at home. Some tend to be extra protective of their territories when their humans are gone. It’s imperative that there’s a positive initial experience with the pet sitter and that the sitter is willing to work on it even before he or she gets paid.

Foundation Built on Trust

Letting someone into your home while you’re gone and are unable to intervene or supervise them is daunting. The fact that your beloved pets are 100% dependent on that person also puts them in a very vulnerable position. Without question, it’s absolutely crucial that your pet sitter is someone you can trust.

A responsible minding business will police-check all their employees before assigning any job to them. The agency’s thorough screening process on their experience and expertise in handling pets is also vital in determining if their minders are right for the job and can be relied on to be humane, compassionate, and accountable.

Be sure to ask your potential minders of the following:

  • Their experience with handling animals in their own homes
  • How they plan on caring for your pets
  • What their standard of practice is for emergencies and accidents
  • If they are willing to regularly communicate and provide updates
  • Past clients’ testimonials and feedback

It’s hard enough to leave your beloved pets behind—even just for a few days. Making sure that your sitter will be just as loving and dedicated to your animals is important to ease the worrying.

Beyond Poop Patrol

Caring for animals is more than just feeding and cleaning up after them. Compassionate pet sitters will not only consider their charges’ need for nourishment but also their enrichment.

Find a pet sitter who gives you options on the length of their daily visits. Flexibility and willingness to adjust to your pets’ quirks and needs is a sign of a superb minder. They understand that these animals do not come with a black and white manual—knowing that each one has individual necessities puts them in a good light.

Being able to notice signs of loneliness, depression or even illnesses is crucial. A caring sitter will know that some dogs do feel anxiety when their humans are not around and will watch out for any behavioural or physical changes resulting from the separation.

Providing comfort to your pets should always be part of their daily routine, even if it’s not specified in the job description. Special-needs dogs, old-timers, insecure pups and anxious furbabies will not just need someone to refill their water and chow. A reassuring sitter who genuinely cares for your furry and feathered ones is absolute gold.

Demands of the Duty

Pet parents can be quite paranoid when travelling without their pets. Sitters know that it’s more than just being there for the pets who get left behind, they also have the task of allaying the mums’ and dads’ worries.

Regular updates, whether via SMS or emails are reasonable and your pet sitter should be happy to provide reports on how Ginger is adjusting to her human’s absence.

If you have a pet under medication or, if yours is a geriatric with a whole slew of supplements and health support regimen, your sitter must be readily able to adhere to the home treatments. He or she should also have a good sense of judgement when it comes to veterinary emergencies and know when to rush to the vet or at least give the vet a call.


A Part of the Family

The great thing with finding a superb pet sitter is that you and your pets also earn a new friend. Someone who shows as much compassion and concern for your pets as you do is a total gem and, once you find him or her, having to leave without your pets will be less torturous.

It will give you and your pets a sense of security knowing that you have someone you can count on to trust your furbabies and your home to when you need to go away. Not only do you get your money’s worth, you’re assured that Mr. Pawsome and Ms Purrfect get the TLC they deserve—even when you’re not there.

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