Why Dog Minding Works | Dog Minding Gold Coast

Why Dog Minding Works | Dog Minding Gold Coast

Dogs are family. But sometimes, we can’t take family where we go. Work travels, no-pet holidays and even emergencies warrant for accommodation that will take care of our furry babies with the same dedication as we do. It’s a tall order, yes, but there are those who boast meeting those expectations. Advertisements and sales pitch aside, furparents show a growing patronage for businesses who offer dog minding in a private home on the Gold Coast—and the home-away-from-home experience is an attractive pull for those who want only the best for their pooches.

What’s the difference?

There are various types of accommodation that you can choose for your pet and, before making the decision to go for a particular one, it’s prudent to check what differentiates one from the other.

Kennels are well-known for having facilities built specifically meant for boarding animals. Some cater exclusively to dogs and welcome other pets such as cats, rodents and so on.

Most kennelling services are set up as the name suggests. Rows of enclosures, which may or may not have access to an outdoor area, are built to house multiple animals at the same time. And to maintain consistency and ensure that all tasks are done by the end of the day, staff members follow a strict routine for feeding, exercise and other arrangements such as grooming and medication.

This can be problematic for a lot of reasons. The environment alone can be all the more stressful for the dogs. Having a lot of animals in one building creates a high-stimulation situation. Even if the caretakers take measures to minimise barking and noise, other factors such as smell (and we know how good those canine noses are!) and the sight of other unfamiliar pooches can send your fur baby into a flurry of anxiety.

And while kennels maintain a no-vaccine-no-entry policy, the mere presence of a lot more animals can up the chances of an illness like kennel cough spreading. This is why many kennels do not admit especially vulnerable pooches such as pups or those under medication or treatment. That can also limit your choices if your dog falls into one of these categories.

Pet-Sitting or Home Visits are the more popular choice for those who deem it wise to just let their fur babies chill at home. Most services like this are rated by the hour of stay and number of times the sitter visits the house. The main advantage is that your pooch stays where he or she is most comfortable and the lack of change in environment and travel time is the selling point.

It can be challenging, though, if you have a dog who needs constant companionship and care. Even with regular visits the majority of the day and night will be spent alone and that in itself can be risky. If you have a pooch who needs extra attention, this arrangement may not work very well even in your pup’s own turf.

It can also create havoc with your dog’s daily routine. While you can work out a schedule that can accommodate the usual walk time or feeding, there is always the chance that something that will be missed. Canines are creatures of habit and the anxiety of not having you around mixed with the confusion of having someone do just a small part of their day-to-day activities can cause more stress.

Pet sitters come from trusted agencies and companies, yes, but one concern will always be giving them access to your house. Let’s face it—that’s not something everyone would be comfortable with, unless it’s a trusted friend or family.

Dog minding is different from pet sitting and kennelling, and in more ways than one. Dog minders do not provide a separate building for accommodating doggie guests and they do not visit your pet at home. Instead, they open their own houses to your pooch as their temporary family member.

There may be some concern as to how your pup will adjust to being in a different abode while you’re gone. Dog minders, however, are carefully screened (as sitters and kennel carers are) and have especially prepared their home for guest canines.

The quieter, cosier environment will be good for your furred one in comparison to the setup in kennelling where there will be other animals who can create a sense of overwhelm. And with so much more human supervision, your pooch can go about his daily routine without missing any part of it. That in itself brings a sense of security for your pet and provides a calming setting for when you are gone.

Since you can arrange for your pet minder to take care of just your dog, handling special needs is easier and a lot more reassuring. Minders are able to keep a keener eye on your fur baby’s condition and requirements as they don’t have to care for multiple animals and adhere to a standardised schedule.

Your dog will also be able to use most of his own things when he stays with a minder. Kennels usually cannot accommodate such belongings as bedding because of sanitary concerns. These, however, are important in giving your pet more familiarity and calming him or her down. Minders encourage bringing these so your pooch can have a homey environment, especially during an extended puppy ‘sleepover.’

One big plus, especially for the worried human on the other end of the lead, is the convenience and flexibility of dog minding. The Gold Coast has numerous minders that you can choose from based on your location to minimise travel time for pick up or drop off. They can also adjust to your travel itinerary and work with your schedule, unlike most kennels who can only do check-ins at certain hours of the day. With the stress and chaos of travelling, that’s one less thing to think about.

All pet accommodation must, of course, be able to provide you with an update about how your dog is doing. Photos, text messages, emails and chatting are mostly used by all but the flexibility in schedule and method vary. Kennels, run on a strict daily routine, have specific hours for when the staff can take photos and videos and may not be open to arranging for other means of giving you a heads up on your pooch. Same goes for sitters who can only document a particular part of the day unless you specify a certain time when they should be at your house.

Dog minders are a lot more flexible with updating fur parents since they’re caring for your pooch at home. Whether you opt for calls, text messages or emails about how Fido spent his day, minders are more likely to be able to accommodate you. That alone slices off a huge chunk of worry for the humans with separation anxiety.

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    She is a small cute fluffy hypo-allegetic dog that is used to a lot of attention.
    Duration from Monday 8th November to Friday 12th November 2021 please.

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      Hi Kellie

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