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10 Dog Minding Essentials

dog minding essentials

Dog minding essentials are important to know when arranging minding for your best friend. As dog parents, leaving for a trip without our four-legged buddies can be stressful—for both human and fur kid.

Boarding kennels have a high-stimulation environment and it’s not possible for them to provide one-on-one care. This is not an ideal option for all dogs.  That makes it all the more important to find a reliable dog minding service. Dog minders are easy enough to find online but how do you decide which is the best one to trust your pooch with? Read these 10 dog minding essentials before making that crucial decision.

1. Heed both recommendations and warnings

No one will give a more accurate evaluation of services than past customers. Other dog owners (and maybe your very own neighbours!) can give you a rundown of their own experience with a dog minding service and help you make a smart choice.

You can also ask your vet which dog minding service they recommend. Most clinics have recommendations of their own, especially for special-needs and senior pets.

2. Safety is key—and the topmost priority

Uncertainty and some nervousness can be all too familiar for those who have no choice but to travel without their dogs. It can also be like that for those who are about to use dog minding services for the first time.

Don’t fret. A wee bit of paranoia is good because searching for a secure home-based boarding service is a dog minding essential in ensuring that your pooch will be well-cared for. You are, in more ways than one, putting your dog’s welfare in the hands of another person and anything subpar will simply not do. You need to be able to leave your pet and know that you need not worry about your furchild’s physical, emotional and mental needs (or least not worry too much).

3. Convenience is a beautiful word

Finding an excellent dog minding service for your pooch also means making it easier for you, the human. Having your chosen minder’s home as close as possible to your location makes the pick-up and drop-off less stressful. It also gives you a chance to check the place where your dog will be staying while you’re gone. This is a must if your pup is particularly nervous about travelling.

4. Flexibility

There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter instruction manual for taking care of dogs. Every single one is unique—and so are his or her various needs and quirks. Whether there’s medicine that needs to be given or a walking routine that cannot be broken, dog minders who are happy and ready to adjust to your pet’s individual living requirements—the same way that you do—are the best people to be proxy-mum or dad.

And let’s face it—your schedule won’t always fit into regular business hours, especially when there is travel involved. A minder who can accommodate flexible hours for pick-up or drop-off is a treasure for those whose itineraries are crazy. It also works well for furparents who like to stall until the last hour before leaving their pooch.

5. Chemistry

It sounds like a dream to be a dog minder but it’s also an immense responsibility to take on.

Any trustworthy business will carefully and thoroughly screen their dog minders and their homes before letting them accommodate any animals.  A dog minding essential is that the business will readily answer any questions that you may have about a particular dog minder and their environment.

As a keen canine lover, you’ll instinctively see if your dog minder is in any way unsure or uncomfortable around your dog. It’s an absolute red flag if there’s any negative reaction from either your pooch or your minder upon meeting each other. This should never be ignored.

6. Communication

Having a comfy home away from home for their dogs is a huge relief for travelling pooch mums and dads.  No dedicated pet parent will be able to let time pass without knowing how their dog is doing. One of the dog minding essentials is being able to contact the dog minder while you’re away.  It is fundamental for keeping your mind at ease throughout your trip. Choose one who will be willing to send regular updates.  Set up the best way to communicate with you and ease your worries. Whether it’s through regular emails or text messages, you need a dog minder who can keep you in the loop with your dog’s activities.

Being able to contact the dog minder while you’re away is fundamental in keeping your mind at ease throughout your trip. Choose one who will be willing to send regular updates and set up the best way to communicate with you and ease your worries. A dog minder who can keep you in the loop with your pet’s activities and condition is of utmost importance.

7. Comfort = everything

Being left by their beloved human can be an unsettling experience for some dogs. Staying in a home environment will definitely help ease the anxiety. A dog minding service that can provide a fun experience and a safe haven is worth having on speed dial.

Whether making sure that your canine friend has his familiar-smelling bed and toys or giving generous cuddle time and belly rubs, your fur baby’s comfort should always be on top of the list.

8. Solid Emergency Know-How

Accidents are, unfortunately, a fact of life and can happen to the best of us. The minder you choose to care for your beloved furbaby needs to be competent in any situation. The unexpected ranges from medical emergencies for delicate pooches to unfortunate mishaps during playtime. Your minder’s ability to cope with these kinds of events is of the utmost importance.

It’s a heart-dropping thought that most of us would rather not think about but it pays to ensure that you have this covered before leaving. You can choose the best-priced dog minding in your area and still end up spending a whole lot more if your minder isn’t equipped to handle emergencies. It’s always smart to go for a service that screens their minders personally. They should also have support systems in place to ensure that your dog is in excellent hands. This can save you from unnecessary worries and heartaches.

It is worth knowing that your beloved pooch is in safe, trustworthy hands.

9. Dog… Whispering?

Some dogs won’t act or behave the same angelic way when they are in a different home. Another dog minding essential is that your dog minder must be able to go beyond the basics of feeding and exercising your pet. They also need to be able to handle any behavioural difficulties that may arise during his or her stay. They should have access to professional 24/7 support in case of either a personal emergency or difficulties with your pooch.

Just as humans react differently to any situation, dogs have various ways of adapting to new places, smells and the absence of their human. Having the assurance of a competent minder who can help your pet relax and acclimatise. Having fun in his or her home-away-from-home is 100% important.

10. Home Setup with Professional Efficiency

Dog minding businesses are specially designed to give your pet a home-away-from-home experience while you’re away. However, it’s essential that the work ethic is at par with any facility-based establishment. Knowing that your furbaby WILL receive the care and safety he or she deserves ensures a stress-free and happy outcome for both you and your dog.

When picking the right minder, base your decision on the collective assessment of past clients. Observe if there’s anything amiss with the service they provide to the pets and their humans. Do they know how to handle stressed pooches? Are they efficient with cleaning after the animals? Do the dogs have good body language with their minder and go home happy?

We hope these dog minding essentials help you to feel more confident when choosing the best care for your dog.

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