Tips for Holidaying With Pets

If you have decided to take your pet on holiday with you this time instead of using the services of “Don’t Fret Pet!” here are a few tips to make the holiday relaxing for everyone…

  1. Ensure your pet has a collar and tag and that your contact details are up to date. Pets can easily escape and go missing in a strange environment.
  2. Take your pet’s food and water bowls and his or her bed with you. Pets like routine.
  3. Keep your pet’s grooming and medications up to date. Your holiday hosts will welcome pets that do not bring fleas and ticks along for the holiday!
  4. Ensure that where you are staying is secure for a pet. Cats must be kept indoors and dogs must have a fenced property.
  5. Take regular breaks on your car journey. Dogs need toilet breaks and a chance to stretch their legs, just like us. And make sure they have fresh water to drink during breaks.
  6. Take plenty of entertaining activities for your pet. Puppies will chew holiday houses!
  7. Take enough food to last at least a couple of days. Your local holiday store may not be open or have your regular food supply. Upset tummies through changing food abruptly are not fun on holiday.
  8. Check the off leash areas at your holiday destination
  9. Some pets might be better left at home with someone to look after them or boarded with a fully-screened and supported “Don’t Fret Pet!” minder.
  10. Remember to have fun! Holidays are a great chance for the whole family to relax!!



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