French Bulldog – a loving companion

French Bulldog - a loving companion

French Bulldog – the perfect breed for you?

The French Bulldog

Lifespan: 11-14 years
Height: 28-30 cms (11-12 in)
Weight: 7 kgs to 12 kgs (16-28 lb)
Temperament: loving companions, mischievous, gentle nature
Suitable living space: apartments, houses with/without yards
Best Suited For: Families with/without children, seniors, singles, good for first time pet parents

french bulldog

French Bulldog characteristics

The French Bulldog thrives on human contact and enjoys lavishing love on their humans.  They are not a breed that can be outside dogs or left alone for long periods as they thrive on human companionship.

They don’t need a lot of room so are excellent dogs for apartment living.  They are very good watchdogs and will let you know when someone is approaching your home though they tend not to bark without cause.

They don’t handle heat very well.  Make sure you keep an eye on them on hot days to ensure that they don’t overheat.

It’s important to note that they are prone to shedding hair, drooling and flatulence so bear this in mind when considering this breed.

Training your French Bulldog

As with most breeds, it is important to socialise your French Bulldog with other dogs from a young age.

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Frenchies can be easy to train but they are also known to be quite stubborn. You need to be firm and patient during training.

How much walking?

Even though they are little dogs they still need to go for regular walks for both physical and mental stimulation.  A couple of 15-minute walks per day should keep them fit and trim.

Holiday care

When you book a holiday and need your dog minded, no matter which breed, let us arrange a holiday for him or her with one of our carefully-screened, fully-interviewed and insured dog minders.  Meet your dog  minder in advance so that you can be sure they are suitable for your furkid.

We support our minders 24/7 so you can be sure that your pooch is in good hands when you are away.  See more information here.


The Frenchie is a smart, loving dog who needs to spend lots of time with his humans. They take well to training when it’s done in a firm but patient manner with lots of praise, food rewards and play.

Be aware that it is possible that, in the future, this breed may be banned from being bred in Australia as the Australian Veterinarian Association wants to see any dog with ‘a muzzle length less than a third of its skull length’ banned from being bred or shown because of the suffering this can cause the animal.

French Bulldog mugs

It can be difficult to find lovely products that are about this breed.  Have a look at our range of Frenchie mugs.

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