Furbabies – Should I Get One?


We’ve all had the fantasy of being a pet parent. And many of us do end up with our own furbabies.  But there’s a few things to consider before picking up your pooch. So, you’ve decided you’re ready for the pitter patter of tiny paws but have you really considered if it is a good idea? With dog abandonment and abuse on the rise you have to be sure that you can be a dedicated pup parent. After all, a dog is for life. They are a lifelong companion and require lots of love and attention. It is extremely important to look at your lifestyle and decide if a new pup is really the right thing for you.

Below are 5 things to consider:

  1. How much time do you have?

Furbabies require exercise, attention and training. Older animals are generally more obedient, already toilet-trained and require less time. But they will still be somewhat time consuming. Consider how much time you have. If you have a little less time an older pooch may be the way forward. Just remember, they still need time and attention. If you are a super busy person who is hardly ever home, you’re not quite ready for a fur baby.

  1. How much patience do you have?

Are you able to commit to puppy schooling, prepared for cleaning up any accidents and okay with the strong possibility of seeing furniture and other items broken due to a playful pup? If you have the patience and understand these things will happen, a pup could be for you. If not, you could always get an older fur friend who requires little or no training and is perhaps not so hyperactive. However, patience is key with furbabies, as with tiny humans!

  1. How often are you home?

Similar to how much time do you have. But perhaps more important. Most furbabies don’t like to be left alone and do not do well being left for long periods of time. This can be combatted by having more than one pet. But most dogs long for their human companion when gone. Younger pets tend to suffer more from separation anxiety. So, if you are not at home an awful lot, an older dog may work. Most will snooze all day, until you are back from work. But, whether you get an old or young pooch, they cannot be left alone for long periods of time. You will need so spend sufficient time at home to keep your furbaby happy! If you are not home often, consider another pet!

  1. How active are you?

This is obviously important as dogs need exercise. Walking once or twice a day is fairly average but this will depend on the breed of dog. All dogs will need some form of exercise. And you need to be able and willing to provide them with exercise. If you’re someone who likes to go running then an active younger dog may be the perfect running companion! Or, if you like casual strolls in the park, an older dog or less active breed may be more suited.

  1. What do you want from your pooch?

This is extremely important. Consider what you are looking for in a dog. Do you want a running partner, a snuggle buddy, a companion for your kids? Are you looking for a pet to exercise with, take out to the dog park and play with your kids for hours? Don’t assume a new pet always has to be a puppy, there are lots of older pooches that need homes. And you may be more suited to an older dog. Consider all the options but at the forefront of your mind should be the dog. Make sure you can look after and provide for your pooch. After all, it will be the pup that suffers should you to hastily make a decision without considering all factors of being a pup parent!

There are numerous sites where you can enter details about your home and lifestyle and a list of possibly suitable breeds for you will be returned.  You can then research those breeds.  There are also a lot of lovely dogs sitting in pounds or listed on https://www.petrescue.com.au/ who would be thrilled to be adopted into a loving family.


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