Dog Grooming Woes

dog grooming

Some dogs hate being groomed, some put up with it and some really seem to enjoy it.

dog grooming

Here’s a few tips to help your dog become used to, and hopefully eventually enjoy, being groomed….

Dog Grooming Preparation

  • Get your grooming tools out regularly and just have them sitting around your lounge room or other areas your dog frequents when relaxed.  Let him see the brush and, if he behaves calmly, reward with praise, treats, a favourite toy or a pat.  Leave the grooming for a week.
  • When your dog can tolerate the presence of the grooming brush, gradually bring it closer to him. Have it sitting on your lap when you give your pet attention and let them sniff the brush. When they do, without showing fear, praise them. Touch your dog all over with your hands and repeat this every day.

After a few days….

  • After a few days with no reaction to the brush, you can begin to brush your pet, very gently and only for a very short period. Again rewards should be given for calm behaviour.
  • Over time, build up the grooming time and your dog should accept that this is a positive interactive experience with you.
  • Some pets calm down significantly when given some rescue remedy (a bach flower remedy; just put some drops in their mouth before you produce the brush) or have some lavender in the air. It is also important that you also remain calm and don’t attempt to go at too fast a pace for your pet.

If the above doesn’t work…

  • If your pet continues to react badly (constantly hiding, showing fear) to the brush it might be worth buying a new one or leaving the grooming to a professional for a couple of months to break this negative association.

You might also like some tips on getting your dog used to water.

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