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prepare your dog for boarding

Let’s face it—leaving your dog behind is torture. Prepare your dog for boarding when circumstances like work travel or no-dog holidays can’t be avoided. Dog Boarding in Adelaide can be easily arranged for any time of the year. It can, however, still be stressful for your pooch, especially when it’s his or her first time.

Don’t fret. There are ways to lessen the anxiety (for both you and your furred buddy) and ensure a pleasant stay for Fido while you’re away. From before you even plan your trip, until you pick your beloved dog up from his own holiday with a dog minder, here are great tips to make the transition loads better:


A Plan to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding in Adelaide

Preparing for travel can be frustrating and exhausting and it’s only too easy to miss out on important details. It pays to prepare your dog for boarding in Adelaide by having a ready plan for your pup’s stay with the minder in advance to eliminate last-minute shenanigans. That means doing your research ideally long before you actually need the services—contact numbers, locations, testimonials from other clients and the like.

To avoid last-minute panicking, it helps to already have a minder that you can trust. Individuals who provide dog boarding in Adelaide, much like other areas in the country, are not officially regulated. But a good company will readily show you how they screen potential minders and their homes.

Dog Boarding Adelaide vs Kennelling

The advantage of dog boarding to kennelling is that it provides a home environment for your pet while you go on your trip, instead of cages and shelter-like facilities. If the house is anything but, you simply don’t go for it. You can get paranoid thinking about leaving your dog with someone else. In a way, that’s good. Check with minding services’ sites. See how what their past clients say. And the most important task to prepare your dog for boarding is to do a home visit prior to the drop off.

On the day you leave Milly, make sure you have the following covered:

  • Pet food to last a few more days than what you plan to be away
  • Your dog’s own food and water bowls
  • Medication and supplements, if any (bring more than enough for contingency)
  • Grooming supplies (if you want to use your own)
  • Your pooch’s vaccination records (make sure he’s up to date)
  • Collar, leash
  • A list of important contact numbers (vet clinic, nearby friend or relative, etc.)

Preparations like these should be done in advance, before the actual flurry of activities right before your trip. Getting these out of the way ensures that your pet has everything he or she needs, and that you won’t be running around like a headless chicken.


Familiarity is Comforting

Whether your dog is a seasoned pro at being boarded or a skittish first-timer, the worst part of you leaving them is you leaving them. The bedding, the floors, and even the furniture of the minder’s house will look, feel, and smell differently and can unsettle any pet.

Prepare your dog for boarding by making your absence a little easier.  Leave your pooch things that he or she associates with you. A shirt that smells of you, the toys that you always play together, or even a blanket that you both snuggle in.

The scent will calm and reassure your four-legged friend and provide a ‘safe space’ that he can depend on if the new environment gets a little overwhelming.


Communication is Key

It would be nice if he could, but your pup can’t call, text or email. A good dog boarding service in Adelaide will have minders who can give you feedback without any problems. Seeing how your dog is doing will alleviate worries and let you enjoy your vacation or help you focus on your work out of town.

Ask your minder beforehand if you can communicate via the most convenient avenue. You can ask if they can Facetime, sms, email or request for the occasional photo update. If you have a pet on medication or in delicate health, ask for reports on his physical condition as well. Once you find a trusty dog minding service who understands your schedule and your need to be assured that Brownie is okay, keep them on speed dial.


Let Everyone Else Know

Dog minders are trained and experienced with handling your pet’s daily needs. Some are even dedicated to care for special-needs pooches. But sometimes, accidents happen.

In case of an emergency, your minder should be able to calmly deal with the situation and ensure your furbaby’s safety. It also pays to give important people a heads-up that you are leaving someone in charge of your dog while you’re away.

Have a friend or a relative phone your minder every now and then. Have your vet take note of your boarder’s name and address as well, especially if your pooch is on medication. That way there’s someone familiar and capable within reach.


Reward the Experience

You’re reunited and it feels so good. Your dog will be very happy to see you! No matter how much she enjoyed her time with her minder she will still want to go back home with you.

Don’t forget to thank your minder for a job well done. A beaming testimonial online and glowing recommendations will bring more business to people who deserve it.


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