Anxious Dog Tips

Anxious Dog Tips

Easy steps to calm your anxious dog

Do you have an anxious dog?

As much as we want our dogs to be happy and stress-free all the time, there are some situations where they feel sad and anxious too. You might be wondering why they are not touching their favourite food, instead they’re destroying furniture or digging those sizable holes in the backyard. Sometimes dogs seem restless or maybe it’s the exact opposite, they’re cowering in one corner of the house. All these are just some of the many signs that dogs can exhibit with anxiety.

What Triggers Your Dog’s Stress?

Stress could come from a lot of factors such as a change in your dog’s routine. Perhaps they are not getting the right amount of exercise. A dog’s stress and anxiety could also come from loud sounds such as thunder or strong winds. It could also be triggered when their humans are going on holidays. It’s often an exciting getaway for you, however may take some time for your dog as they adjust to your pet sitter. Just like us dogs experience separation anxiety too.

But don’t worry, as these stressful situations for your fur baby could be lessened with your help. There are countless tips and advice on how to calm an anxious dog, we’ve picked the best ones for you.

Seek Help for your Anxious Dog from Professionals

Dog trainers and behavioural therapists are brilliant sources of knowledge to assist with anxiety lowering techniques in addition to training. We suggest you discuss these techniques with your pet sitter to keep their routine. Taylor Wheeler from Dog Training lifestyle has exceptional experience in this field. 

Daily Exercise for Dogs

A walk or play at the park does wonders for anxiety of both dogs & humans.

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Essential Oils to Calm Anxious Dogs

You could also use pet-friendly essential oils. Yup, you heard that right, essential oils are not only beneficial for humans, but for pets too! Not just any essen0tial oil as some are toxic to dogs – lucky we done the research & created a safe product for your pooch!

Bella Oils offers a wide range of essential oil products that are beneficial for the whole family, even your dog! Our most popular product is the Calm Doggy Spray available in 100ml bottles & made according to the dogs weight. It’s so easy to use (plus it’s totally affordable); just spray it onto the top collar area of your dog or onto their bandana or doggy bed. Unlike some dog anxiety medications, the spray is used when required. Our dog calming spray creates a relaxing feeling for your doggy, like a natural chill pill!

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Be Prepared

If you know your fur baby is an anxious dog, we encourage you to be prepared and have some Calm Doggy Spray on hand.  I’m sure you want to be off enjoying your holiday, not worrying about potential anxiety of your fur baby when you are away. 

Even if you don’t have a trip planned get prepared for those summer thunderstorms! Staff from “Don’t Fret Pet!” are amongst the 1000’s that are happy with the effectiveness of our Calm Doggy Spray. If your pet sitter is using our natural handcrafted product, it could contribute a lot in easing stress all round. So, before it all gets worse, just grab a bottle of Calm the Doggy Spray and help your dog be at ease. 

For most of us, our fur babies are a member of our family.  For others, their dogs are their best friends. This product can assist your dog so they can in turn continue to look after you.

Use the code “20%OFFDONTFRETPET” to receive 20% off full priced products at Bella Oils today!  (We do not receive any commission for any products that you purchase from Bella Oils.  We are recommending them as we tried their product for one of our dogs who does not like thunderstorms and it worked very well.)

Do You Get Anxious About Where To Leave Your Dog When Away?

Your dog can stay with one of our carefully-screened, fully-insured dog minders.  “Don’t Fret Pet!” has been providing professional dog minding for over 28 years.  See what our very happy clients say about us.


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