Choosing The Best Dog Bed For Your Dog

Best Dog Beds Australia

Choosing the Best Dog Bed for Your Dog

The best dog bed for your best friend can be a difficult choice to make.  Dogs sleep around 80% of the day.  So, it is important to choose the bed that is just right for your pooch.

We have done the hard work and reviewed the best dog beds available in Australia.  We have also tried to find you the beds at the best price.  The categories we have grouped the beds in is:

  • Snuggle beds for dogs who like to curl up
  • Flat dog beds for dogs who like to stretch out
  • Pod or cave dog beds for dogs who like a cosy spot to sleep

What you need to consider a few things.  How old is your dog?  How dirty does he get?  How he likes to sleep.  What size bed you will need.

Dog beds can be quite large in size even for small dogs.  It’s a good idea to think about where the bed will go and how much space is available in that area.

Important points that we think need to be considered when looking for the best dog bed:

  • comfortable – is this the right type of bed for my dog?
  • durable – will this bed last for years?
  • washable – can I remove the covers and wash them?

With our research we have endeavoured to only suggest beds that fill the above criteria.

Other things to consider are:

  • Is the bed warm enough for winter?
  • Is the bed cool enough for summer?
  • Does your dog need an orthopaedic bed?
  • Will the bed be for inside or for outside?

Snuggle beds for dogs who like to curl up

Mog & Bone Reversible Bed is specially designed for year-round use.  The snuggly fleece side will keep your dog cosy and warm during the colder months.  The cotton, canvas side will keep your dog cool on warm days.  It’s so handy that the bed can easily be turned inside out.

It is filled with pet-safe, recycled polyester which provides added cushion and support and is machine washable.

Reversible dog bed

Mog & Bone Bolster Bed has raised, bolster-style walls which can double as pillows for your dog to rest their head.  The walls add a sense of cosiness and protection as your dog.  Filled with recycled polyester stuffing and with 100% cotton canvas on the outside.  It has a non-slip base to prevent slippage and to avoid possible injury.  Machine washable.

Bolster dog bed

Purina Self Warm Cuddle Bed is made from a micro-suede fabric with cushioned walls.  This lovely dog bed is self-warming as it has a thermo-reflective, fibre-warming core that absorbs and reflects your dog’s body heat.  It has a non-slip base and is machine washable.  Comes in blue or red interior.

Self-warm cuddle bed

Fuzzyard Reversible Bed is made from polyester fibre with feather-soft filling.  Fully reversible, colour-safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic.  When it gets dirty simply throw it in the wash.  Gentle machine or handwash.

Reversible dog bed

Freezack Soft Sofa bed is perfect for dogs that love to curl up and snuggle in bed.  It is made from soft, durable, velour fabric and filled with comfy polyester.  The thick raised sides of the beds will ensure your pet has a warm, relaxing and snuggly sleep.  The base of the bed is non-slip and the bed is machine washable.

Soft sofa dog bed

Petset Walled Bed is an option if you are looking for a cheaper but sturdy dog bed.  It is hard-wearing and comfortable.  The cushion is soft, comfy and warm polyester.  It is reversible so that it is suitable for both winter and summer.  The bed is water resistant and has a non-slip base.  The downside with this bed is that only the cushion can be washed.

Walled dog bed

Flat dog beds for dogs who like to stretch out

There are different types of flat beds – loungers, pet futons, mattresses.  If you feel that a flat bed if perfect for your dog we have done some research for you to save you time.


The Purina PetLife Lounger is durable and comfortable. Waterproof nylon and reinforced stitches make it resistant to tearing and chewing.  It’s on a non-slip base.  Internal comfort chambers ensure warmth and a high comfort-factor. The fabric is resistant to fleas, ticks and odours and the cover is machine washable.  The Purina PetLife Lounger is a great option if you’re looking for a dog bed that provides both comfort and practicality.

Dog lounger bed


Pet Futons

Why not consider a Snooza Pet Futon?  These futons are made from organic materials which means they are better for the environment and better for your pets.  They are comfortable for your pet to relax and sleep on.  As they are made with Aussie wool blended with recycled PET they are easy to wash and will keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer.  This futon perfect for people who are committed to supporting local businesses.

Pet futon

Dog Mattresses

A wide variety of dog mattresses are available.  Ensure the one you choose is the right size and thickness for your pooch.  The cover should also be able to be removed so that you can pop it into your washing machine.

Freezack Soft Dog Mattresses are a wide, flat and thick design which is great for pets who love to stretch out.  The top of the mattress is made from a snuggly velour fabric.  The sides and base are made from strong cotton canvas.  This combination makes the mattress both comfortable and durable.  The outside cover can be removed for washing.

Dog mattress

Rogz Flat Dog Mattresses are another wide, flat design that is great for pets who love to stretch out and relax.  One side is made from durable ripstop cotton canvas.  The other side is covered in soft Sherpa material.  The 2-in-1 design allows you to flip the bed over depending on the current temperature.  Seams are double-stitched for extra strength and durability.  The outside cover can be unzipped and removed for washing.

Flat dog mattress


Pod or cave dog beds for dogs who like a cosy spot to sleep

Little Arena Convertible Pod Bed is a round pet home designed for small pets.  It is collapsible, easy to store, and travel-friendly.  You can even remove the zippered top to give your pet more open space.

It comes with a soft pet cushion and has ventilation holes at the back for extra breathability.  The non-slip base prevents slippage when your furry friend hops in and out. The pod is made with stress-crack resistant and waterproof EVA material which means that it is eco-friendly and durable. It comes in red, blue or green.

Dog pod bed

Little Arena Dome Pop-Up Pet Tent cave bed is a great alternative to pet mats and other pet beds for small dogs or cats.  It is collapsible and has zippered sides that keep the tent upright.  The sides can be unzipped to fold down for storage and travelling.

With a removable cushion inside, this pet bed provides a cosy cave for your furry friend to rest.  The cushion is washable.  With a non-slip bottom, this cave tent stays in place when your furry friend goes in and out.

Dog dome bed

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If you have an older dog or your best friend has joint or mobility problems see this orthopaedic bed review.


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