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Hi, I’m Jenny Brearley. If you’re feeling anxious about finding someone to look after your dog while you are away, I’m glad you found this website, because 23 years ago, I had the same problem. That’s why I started “Don’t Fret Pet!” — holiday dog minding.     
You see, I felt terrible taking my eccentric Ridgeback, Sophie, to dog boarding kennels. I wanted a more natural and homely alternative to concrete floors and wire cages. I hated the thought of Sophie having to cope with the barks and behaviours of a hundred other dogs of all breeds and backgrounds. There was no way I could enjoy my holiday. I felt guilty.  
On top of that, it was inconvenient driving to the outer suburbs (where most dog boarding kennels are located) to drop Sophie off at times that didn’t suit me while trying to get ready to go away.

Friends and Family?

I’d tried leaving Sophie with friends and family but I always felt like I was asking them a favour. Although they meant well, they weren’t really used to looking after dogs so I was always worried about Sophie.  


I also tried having neighbours feed and keep an eye on Sophie, but again, I felt like I was putting them out. I was also afraid they would forget her… or Sophie would get sick… or… 100 other things that could go wrong.

Take Her With Me?

I considered taking Sophie with us on holidays. But dog-friendly accommodation is almost impossible to find. Long car rides often cause terrible stress for dogs (many get car sick). And then there’s the question of who looks after them while you go on a day-trip during your holiday. You can’t very well leave them alone in a strange holiday apartment.

The Solution?

That’s when I came up with the idea to start “Don’t Fret Pet!” and created a network of dog lovers who could offer dog minding services in their own homes. I screened potential minders to make sure they had experience caring for dogs and I provided them with information to ensure we could provide consistent, professional care to every client.  

You can feel totally relaxed knowing that our minders are not stand-alone providers minding dogs from multiple owners, they are fully-supported 24/7 by us and only mind dogs from one owner at any time.

An Award Winning Dog Minding Service

Inevitably, the idea worked! We’ve won a whole swag of awards and we’ve been featured in heaps of newspapers and magazines. The proof of success we are the most proud of however, comes from our 11,864 wonderful clients who have sent us messages like… 


Not only did they look after Bozo well, they also loved him.

Maria, Coorparoo QLD

As a first time user, I found your service to be highly professional. The minder, Julie from Ormeau (QLD), was above and beyond my expectations. She and her family took my precious little man into their home and treated him as part of the family. Thank you for helping me to enjoy my time away from my special little man, knowing that he was in good hands.

Penny, Gold Coast QLD


We would like to thank you so very much for the devoted and caring attention that was given to our Gus by minder Jo and her family. She was so reassuring and supportive when we left our elderly dog with her family for 2 weeks. Nothing was too much trouble. The care that they gave Gus was outstanding. Once again thank you very much.

Denise, Ron and Gussy, Kilsyth VIC


So if you want to be sure you AND your best friend have a stress-free, totally relaxing holiday, phone 1300 30 70 21 and we’ll tell you more about our service. Whether you’re looking for care for your dog in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, our extensive network is for you. If you want to avoid dog boarding kennels and would feel more comfortable with a carefully-screened, fully-supported one-on-one minder choose the minding service where your dog will be treated like one of the family. 

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Be sure to get a copy of our new consumer awareness guide and avoid the 7 mistakes most dog owners make when going on holidays.  

Please call if we can help you in any way.  Phone 1300 30 70 21 or click here to make a booking.


Jenny Brearley