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christmas pet mugs
November 19, 2020

Christmas Pet Mugs

Christmas Pet Mugs Christmas pet mugs are a cute gift for a friend or family or even a special treat for yourself.  In a dilemma about what to buy as a Christmas gift or need...

Custom pet mugs
November 13, 2020

Custom Pet Mugs

Custom Pet Mugs Custom pet mugs are a wonderful gift for a friend or a lovely treat for yourself.  Dog and cat lovers tell us that they get a lot of pleasure drinking from a...

August 28, 2020

Watch Out For Ticks

Paralysis Ticks   Paralysis ticks live mostly on the eastern seaboard of Australia, from North Queensland to Northern Victoria. Whilst in the northern parts of Australia paralysis ticks may be found all year round, in...

pets and snake bites
March 09, 2018

Snake Bites And Your Pets

Snake bites are always a worry with pets that spend time outdoors. How can this not be a worry with Australia being home to more than 25 venomous snakes? Any pet that spends time outside...