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A deposit is required at the time that you make your booking. As soon as we receive your deposit we can start looking for the best Minder for your pet/s. If we can't find a Minder that both you and your pet/s are totally happy with then your deposit will be fully refunded.

Holiday Season (15th December to 15th January and Easter)  - 50% of total boarding fee. 
Other Times of the Year - Two days' boarding fee.


The balance of the payment for your booking is due two weeks before you leave. We require your payment by this time so we can "lock-in" a Minder for you and your pet/s.

We accept internet transfer, bank deposit, cash, cheques, money orders and credit cards. Please contact your "Don't Fret Pet!" Pet Care Manager if you wish to make a credit card payment or transfer directly into their account.

Making a Booking

When you book we ask you some questions about your pets or you can use our online booking form, so we can gather all the necessary information to place them with the most suitable Minder.

If you are using our dog boarding service you will then need to visit your Minder, with your dog, so you can be satisfied with the security and suitability of the home where they will be staying.

If your pets prefer to stay at home then one of our reliable pet sitters will come to your home to meet your pets and so that you can show them your pets' regular routines.

Click here to make a booking.


A cancellation fee will be charged for bookings that are cancelled. See below for details of cancellation fees.

Type of booking Cancellation fee with more than 14 days' notice Cancellation fee with 6 to14 days' notice Cancellation fee with 5 days' notice or less
Low season 2 days' care 10% of total fee or 2 days' care, whichever is greater 50% of total fee or 2 days' care, whichever is greater
Holiday season (15 - December to 15 January and Easter) 50% of total fee or 2 days' care, whichever is greater No refund No refund
Late notice (booking made less than 6 business days before start date) Not applicable Not applicable  50% of total fee or 2 days' care, whichever is greater