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Why Our Minders Love Minding Dogs

This is what our minders have to say about minding dogs for “Don’t Fret Pet!” and about the dogs they care for

Read why our minders love minding dogs for “Don't Fret Pet!”

Thank you, you have made our whole caring experience so relaxed and you have supported us throughout every step and decision we have made.  I can truly say it has been a great experience.  I hope we can continue it together in the future.


Kacy is adorable. He fits in so well with us and our boys. He and Phoenix adore each other. As soon as Kacy arrives they start playing and don’t stop until Kacy leaves again. It is no wonder that Kacy usually needs at least 2 days to recover once he gets home.

Carole – Upper Coomera QLD

Happy little dog with big energy.  Thanks DFP for sending me little Emma she was a lot of fun. 

Sid – Currans Hill NSW

Monty is a candidate for the dogs’ male model of the year! He was very well behaved and respected my elderly dog.  Ate well, loved his walks and playtime, a real pleasure to mind.

Jennifer – Kingscliff QLD

There will always be room for Oscar here, and he knows because I’ve told him.

Kitty – Mitchelton QLD

Khoobs was a fantastic dog once again and we all loved her lots!  She is well behaved and very affectionate and loved a good walk.

Daphne – Rockdale NSW

Ginger was a true delight! When walking she greets all people and dogs enthusiastically – very friendly and gentle nature.  Minimum barking, socialised very well with all visitors. I did not detect any anxiety problems. Ginger has an engaging, delightful personality.

Jennifer – Kingscliff QLD

Love was in the air, both nights Delilah and Basil decided not to sleep in their beds but sleep with us even when I put Delilah in the dining room Basil got her out.  It was a crowded 2 nights.   Also noticed Delilah was itchy so off we went to Hawker’s Day Spa (my home) and she loved it, she just stood there for the shampoo then came the itchy wash, she loved the 10 minute massage.  She was so relaxed and I also whispered to her and told her she was such a good little lady.   She is so good with Basil, Basil pulled a toy apart when she left in protest.

Janet – Raby NSW

Ellie the Labrador was a  “A beautiful, waggy, licky dog”.

Christine – Elimbah QLD

I just want to thank Don’t Fret Pet for this amazing opportunity in looking after the wonderful pets. I recently had a family member pass away and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment to keep my self positive and comforted. Animals are a true blessing to peoples’ hearts.

Thankyou and I look forward to my next customer!

Noodle – Sydney NSW

Minding dogs for Don’t Fret Pet is fabulous.  Brent sends me exactly the types of dogs I want to mind, keeps me in the loop with each booking and was there when I needed her when I once had a problem.

Helen – Aspley QLD

I used to mind dogs for friends of friends which was great until one of them got “difficult”.  I now only mind for Don’t Fret Pet so that I can enjoy the dog minding without the hassles.

Joanne – Bondi NSW

I am just letting you know that baby Tiffany has left our care.  What a cutie pie.  We miss her and the kids are running around the house calling her name. Glenn is not a fan of little dogs and Tiffany even won his heart.  He would often ring me from work to see how Tiffany was.  Tiffany would get so excited to see him and he would put her in his pocket and carry her around.

Alex loved her too because she was so small and she would sing songs to her.  Tiffany and Alex would then sing together.  Can you believe a dog would sing.  Yes little head thrown bag singing opera, I am not joking.

Joel misses her.  Tiffany would lick him all over the face and nearly go crazy when she saw him.

Gemma thought she was adorable and wants a dog like that when she gets older.  She played with her and Tiffany’s duckie often.

I too thought she was just wonderful.  She loved going in the car with me and I used to massage her every night. 

We want her back if she needs to be minded again. The house is not the same without Tiffany. Thank you so much for letting us mind Tiffany.  Are you sure this is a job????

Maria – Sydney NSW

We just wanted to say, as minders, my husband and I have found Brent highly professional, very supportive, empathetic and frankly, wonderful!.  We have minded a few young dogs now and recently our own Sydney Silky ‘Saffi’ (18mths old) was viciously attacked by two off-lead german shepherds.  It was a nightmare!  We were looking after another young dog at the time and both were being walked. Saffi was badly mauled and the other young dog had a few bites but these thankfully were mainly superficial.  

Brent came to the rescue and provided us with amazing support, practical advice and assistance. Offering to take the young dog we were minding so we could look after Saffi who was by then in emergency care with a 50/50 chance of surviving.  We decided not to take up the offer as we thought the young dog we were minding would be better in the one place and we could take care of him at home.

Brent checked on us daily, advising us what to do re the local council etc, liaising with the owners of the young dog we were minding and providing updates.  She was just such a great support to us each day and we very much appreciated and were grateful for her efforts.  Saffi survived and is still on the mend.  Fortunately, the other young dog mended quickly and went home with his owners.

We just wanted to acknowledge Brent in some special way to say she is an exceptional person – her care and support of the animals she provides minding for is amazing.  She is a wonderful ambassador for Don’t Fret Pet and we have recommended her to many people on the north side of Brisbane – and of course the services of Don’t Fret Pet.

If there is any way via the organisation as a whole that Brent could be commended publicly – we would be delighted and very proud to support such an activity.

Kate, Martin & Saffi – Carseldine NSW

The girls are members of the family.  When they stay here we love them very much.  Will definitely mind them again.

Ali V – Hunters Hill NSW

A real sweetie and settled in like he lived here all his life. No trouble at all.

Edith H – Theodore ACT

I have minded for another dog minding business but the support from “Don’t Fret Pet!” is brilliant.  They were there when I needed them, are always friendly and helpful and pay on time every month.

Susie – Leichhardt NSW

It has been a pleasure to mind Tip. He is so well behaved. He fitted right in with us but also let us know what he wanted and when.

Heather A – Florey ACT

Oscar was his usual laid back self. No problems.

Doreen B – Miranda NSW

Chinta was very happy to come back to me.  Owner was most impressed!

Ann L – Mosman NSW

We had a great time with Jake. He was very well behaved.

Anthony B – Acacia Ridge QLD

The boys were excited coming to stay.  How lovely that is.  They are great dogs.

Ali V – Hunters Hill NSW

Beautiful friendly dog. Didn’t want to go home.

Angela S – Ngunnawal ACT

Sasha is adorable. She was very sad the first night but OK after that.

Danielle L – Willoughby NSW

What a darling little dog. Pill popping was a breeze once we got used to each other.

Bev R – Kambah ACT

Monty was a fantastic little dog.  A little stand offish at the start, but a great little dog who fitted in very well.

Colleen B – Sylvania NSW

Max is a very quiet, easy going dog to look after. Enjoyed having him.  

Janet L – Capalaba QLD

Still a little sweetie and a pleasure to have.  

Helen M – Greenslopes QLD

Max was a wonderful dog to look after.  He was great company for Charlie and my children, and I would look after him again.  

Alison F – Craigmore SA

Very lovely dog. I was very sad to see him go.  

Barbara L – Coombabah QLD

India was very well behaved and knew the routine.  Always welcome.  

Dani T – Northbridge NSW

Absolutely gorgeous   Angus is in love!  

Carolyn W – Gymea NSW

Great dog, pretty quiet, walked her everyday for 40 50 mins and that would tire her out enough, she mostly slept after that.  Very social, likes other dogs.  No problem.  

Heather H – Athelstone SA

Nelly was an absolute pleasure to mind. She is a very obedient, well mannered dog.  

Jan M – Tarragindi QLD

Real pleasure to have. One of the best I’ve had, will miss him.  

Deirdre W – Varsity Lakes QLD

Yes definitely.   Sally is the easiest dog that I have ever looked after. She makes no noise at all and loved the company of Lady and Spot. I would love a dog just like her  –  she is sweet and adorable.  

Anne B – Morphett Vale SA

Very friendly well behaved dog. Was no trouble at all. A joy to mind. Got on well with Cassie.

Ellie T – Wishart QLD

Kia is a wonderful dog. Placid in nature obedient and affectionate, we loved having her.  

Heather H – Macgregor QLD

As usual a perfect house guest!


Jasper was a delight to have   very friendly and no trouble, doesn’t even bark. Mind again   most certainly.


A delight, no problems, happy and fitted into family and home. Did not fret.