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Sep 2020
running with your dog

11 Tips to Help You to Enjoy Running with Your Dog Running with your dog is a fun way to spend time together and will help to keep both of you fit and healthy.  Dogs are always eager to get out and about and always have plenty of excess energy.  And, admit it, it’s so much more difficult to skip your run when your dog knows it’s that time of day and is standing at the door with their lead in their mouth. How to enjoy running with your dog Before you......

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Nov 2016

Most of us are glad to hibernate indoors during winter – a good book, a hot chocolate and a few cakes to keep us cosy and comfortable and, of course, our dog right there by our side! Exercise   Then along comes spring. We have to face the great outdoors again, shedding those extra winter layers and kilos! Many pet owners decide to get out and about more, walking or perhaps taking up a new activity with our four-legged friends. A New Hobby   Many people enjoy taking up a new hobby......

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