How Does It Work?

Just call us on 1300 30 70 21 or

Minding a dog in your home

  1. Firstly, complete our online application form so that you can tell us about
    • yourself and your home
    • what size dogs you would like to mind and
    • how often you would like to mind dogs – regularly or occasionally.
  2. We will then contact you to discuss whether your home environment is suitable for minding ”Don’t Fret Pet!” dogs.
  3. We will also arrange to visit you in your home so that we can meet you, check your fences and tell you more about minding dogs.
  4. If all goes well you will become one of our very special dog minders and we look forward to arranging for lovely dogs to stay with you.
  5. You will meet the dogs before they come to stay so that you can be sure they will fit in well with your household and that you are happy to mind them.
  6. Everything will be provided by the owner – food, bedding, toys.  All we ask you to provide is a secure environment and lots of TLC.
  7. While you will receive a daily allowance, the real reward will be the wagging tails of your lovely new friends, the pleasure of their company and the satisfaction that, while their owners are away, you’re giving them a holiday too!
  8. Many dogs are minded regularly. If you enjoyed having a particular dog then we will send it back to stay with you when it needs to be minded again. That way it will be like having an old friend coming to stay with you each time.
  9. You will have the support of your “Don’t Fret Pet!” Pet Care Manager should you have any questions.
  10. We’ll handle the paperwork and we’ll pay your insurances for you so that you can enjoy minding dogs and also have peace of mind.