As you’ll be marketing your business and visiting potential dog minders in your franchise area, you’ll need a well-maintained, reliable and presentable car.

We’ll provide you with a computer system specially designed for “Don’t Fret Pet!” but you’ll need to provide your own personal computer. You’ll also need a good quality printer and a mobile phone.

To make the most of your business, and to help you enjoy your “working” day more, you’ll also need an efficient, effective working area.

Your Commitment

You must be committed to providing outstanding service to your clients. You’ll be running a service-oriented business and your clients will keep coming back to you if you delight them with your service.

You’ll need to be available to take and return phone calls for some time each day from Monday to Friday. You’ll also need to allow for some weekend interviewing of new Minders.

As the weeks preceding the school holidays and the first week of the holiday will be your busiest times, you’ll need to plan your own holidays so that you’re available for those periods. You’ll also need to make yourself available for additional hours during the weeks preceding school holidays.

Are You an Ideal “Don’t Fret Pet!” Franchisee?

You’ll love animals, relate very well to people and have good management and administrative skills. You’ll need to be familiar with using a computer though we’ll train you to use the unique “Don’t Fret Pet!” system. You’ll also be excited at the idea of building your own successful business and be an enthusiastic team member.