Destructive Dog Tips – How To Relieve The Boredom

destructive dog behaviour

Destructive dogs can really try your patience so read on for tips on preventing this behaviour

Destructive dogs can go through toys like nobody’s business and they will get bored very easily. This is particularly true for more intelligent dogs. These boredom busters are great to give your dog some play variety!

We have tried to keep these tips simple using some materials available to everyone as well as some great boredom busting toys that are available.

Toys you can make to prevent destructive dog behaviour

Recycle an old t-shirt

The first is super simple, cheap and great fun for pups who love tug of war or fetch. Recycle an old t-shirt or pair of trousers! Cut the item of clothing into strips, and braid them together! It’s as simple as that. You will be left with a great toy for throwing and playing tug of war with! You can even get creative and use a couple of items of clothes with different colours. Be sure to keep an eye on the integrity of the homemade toy. If it starts to full to pieces and gets a bit scruffy, make a new one! We don’t want your pooch swallowing bits of old t-shirt!

Find the treat

A great way to get them thinking is to place treats in a couple of the compartments of a twelve-hole muffin tin and then place a tennis ball in each hole. See how long it takes them to find the treats.

A delicious cool treat

On hot days, why not make your pup a big ice cube to chew on and play with. Use an old tub or ice-cream container to create a big ice block. Your pup will love it! Even more exciting, put a toy or treat into the water before freezing, this way your dog can play with the ice cube and try to retrieve the treat or toy. If you want to go all out, you could even use stock and freeze the stock rather than just water. A delicious cool treat for your four-legged friend. Be careful with this though. Things like onion and garlic are believed to be toxic to dogs. You’re best off creating your own stock, so you know exactly what is going into it and can keep it dog friendly!

Explore with food time

Another great way to keep your dog occupied is to explore with food time! A bowl is so boring. You can get creative with how you feed your pooch. This is great for dogs who eat super-fast! You can use a kong rather than a bowl so your pooch has to think about how to get to the food. It’s a great way of extending dinner time and turning it into a game.  You can use all kinds of tricks. Feeding your pooch in different places rather than having his bowl in one spot all the time. Change it up and keep it fresh for your furbaby!

Excellent toys that are available

Please bear with us while we research the best toys for your pooch.

Most of all your dog loves to engage with you so play some games with your pup as not only do they get exercise but play is good for them physically and mentally and you strengthen that bond with them.

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