Jenny Brearley, Business Director, founded the service in 1993 as she couldn’t bear to leave her best friend, Sophie, a very regal (some called her arrogant) Ridgeback in a kennel.  Sophie was used to cuddling on the couch and sleeping on Jenny’s bed so she needed more creature comforts and human interaction than even the best kennel was able to offer.

Jenny ran the operation solo for the first five years.  Then, in 1998 in Sydney, after many hours spent designing and developing a database system specifically for “Don’t Fret Pet!” and writing detailed operations manuals to ensure that the standard of service was maintained, the first franchisee was recruited.  Franchisees are carefully selected for their love of dogs, customer service skills and desire to run a professional business.

In 2002, Jenny brought a friend she had known since primary school, Kathleen Mansfield, on board as a business partner.  Kathleen's background is marketing so her skill set complemented Jenny's technical background.

The business has experienced an average of 28% growth per year since its foundation with franchises now located in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, ACT and Queensland.