Interesting Information For Dog Lovers

best dog food
July 24, 2020

Dog Food Dilemma

Dog Food Dilemma How do you choose the best dog food that is appropriate for your dog?  There are so many different types and brands of dog food available these days that choosing the right...

peanut butter and dogs
March 09, 2018

Peanut Butter And Your Dog

We have all given our pups peanut butter at some point. Whether it be for bribery to take the tablet or as a treat.   The problem is, too much peanut butter can kill your...

pets and snake bites
March 09, 2018

Snake Bites And Your Pets

Snake bites are always a worry with pets that spend time outdoors. How can this not be a worry with Australia being home to more than 25 venomous snakes? Any pet that spends time outside...

doggie diet
October 17, 2017

Doggie Diet: Foods To Avoid

A safe doggie diet is extremely important for the health of your pooch. We know our four-legged companions love snacks and treats. Who doesn’t love snacks? It’s hard sometimes to not give in to your...

Doggie Playtime
September 17, 2017

Doggie Playtime

It’s no secret that dogs love to play! Some dogs never lose their inner puppy, others will play less but ultimately dogs love play and interaction. And what owner doesn’t love to play with their...