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herbs for dogs
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Herbs For Dogs

Boost Your Dog’s Diet: 8 Healthy Herbs For Dogs A balanced diet also plays a vital role in the growth and well-being of a dog. That’s why you need to take extra care when feeding...

July 28, 2023
pets in apartments
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Pets In Apartments

Food Types to Avoid if You Own a Pet in an Apartment. The dietary needs of pets can vary based on their species, breed, and lifestyle. Living in an apartment can present unique challenges in...

July 12, 2023
cleaning dog's teeth
in Dog Care

Cleaning Dogs’ Teeth

Here are 6 tips for cleaning your dog’s teeth so that they remain healthy. 1. Regular dental check-ups Ensure that your vet checks your dog’s teeth when you go for the annual checkup.  2. Check...

May 25, 2023
need dogs
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We Need Dogs

Why do we need dogs? We need dogs because…. They love us no matter what.  They never hold a grudge.  They are only too willing to show their affection.  And, often, they know how you...

April 21, 2023
Separation anxiety
in Dog, Dog Behaviour

Separation Anxiety

How to Address Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety and Shadowing Behaviour Separation anxiety can be a real problem. Have you noticed your dog getting agitated when leaving them behind, or can you feel their panic when...

November 01, 2022
new puppy
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New Puppy Tips

Spoiled Fur Baby: Here’s What You Need To Know Before Getting A New Puppy! Who wouldn’t want to get a new puppy in their home that they could spoil to their heart’s content? This is...

September 08, 2022
dog myths
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8 Dog Myths Revealed

Dog myths appear in so many online articles which contradict each other with information about dogs.  Read the list of popular dog myths below to find out the real answers. Dog Myth 1: Dogs Are...

May 11, 2022
French Bulldog - a loving companion
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French Bulldog – a loving companion

French Bulldog – the perfect breed for you? The French Bulldog Lifespan: 11-14 yearsHeight: 28-30 cms (11-12 in)Weight: 7 kgs to 12 kgs (16-28 lb)Temperament: loving companions, mischievous, gentle natureSuitable living space: apartments, houses with/without...

February 15, 2022